3 Best Museums to Visit in São Paulo with Friends

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Find friends that share hobbies with you and enjoy cultural activities in São Paulo   Do you love visiting museums and learning about new stories and artists? But often do you have no one to enjoy those cultural activities with? If you want to meet new people that share hobbies with you and make new […]

4 amazing things to do in Rio de Janeiro for Couples

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Rio de Janeiro is enchanting! Everyone agrees with that, the tourists and even the locals. The city and its natural beauties could attract or even for the story or cultural heritage.   If you want to make a tour in Rio de janeiro with your Catch and don’t know where to go or the best […]

First Date: Tips to invite your Catch on a date

There is nothing better than meeting somebody new. Texting and learning more about the hobbies and interests of your Catch, until the big day comes and you meet in person. While everyone gets nervous to approach the Catch for the First Date, you could prepare yourself better and follow some tips to have a nice […]

Those who have a lot in common are 80% more likely to work out in a relationship

Find someone who enjoys the same things as you do and create a meaningful connection According to physics, opposites attract. But, in relationships, that theory doesn’t work so well. Picture that: someone likes cold weather, the other wants to spend their vacation at the beach. One wants three kids, the other doesn’t want any. One […]

Signs that a friendship is turning into love

Relationships that start out as friendships allow for a more intense romantic bond   You are good friends and confidants. Sometimes love is an acute emotion that happens in an instant, but in a lot of cases, it builds slowly and with a true friendship as the base.   Way beyond common perception that love […]

Djungo in Brazil: Why?

Brazilians are the second largest nation in creating online bonds  Djungo, an online dating app that combines artificial intelligence and gamification to bring together couples and promote friendships that share the same values, prioritizing personality over appearance, arrived in Brazil at the end of 2021. Ever since its launching, the app has accumulated over 10.000 […]

3 fun train routes in Brazil to take with your Catch

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Have you ever dreamed of wandering through different places in Brazil in the old fashion way? Through a locomotive? The train is a great option for visiting tourist attractions in Brazil, having a unique and unforgettable experience with your catch.    According to com dados do the Ministry of Tourism of Brazil, there are 28 […]

Millennials and Gen Z are more interested in building real connections

Young adults seek a new form of relationships after the pandemic   The year is 2020 and the whole world was locked up at home, due to the new virus. The “new normal” led people to a long journey of revaluation of concepts and ideas – including on how they connect to other people.   […]

Djungo: 3 reasons for you to download the app today

Make new connections with people you share affinities with   Djungo, Swedish startup that launched in Brazil at the end of last year and is already solidified in the Brazilian market, is the ideal relationship app for those who seek a meaningful connection both in the field of love or friendship.   The app understands […]

A whole new level of intimacy: 20 questions for you to really get to know someone

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No more questions about the weather and what you had for lunch   There is nothing as enjoyable as getting to know someone new. Since the first dates, passing through the first inside jokes, to the most mundane moments, like texting good night and weekends together. The vibe, when everything ‘s new, that surrounds the […]