Museum Day: things to do in São Paulo and Rio with your Catch

Dating on museum day

Schedule a cultural date for you to amplify your knowledge and know your crush better   The museum isn’t a place just for past things: it’s also a great spot to take someone you see yourself with in the future (write down this sentence for flirting times 😉).   On May 18th, the Museum Day […]

How to start an online chat after the Catch

5 tips to start a conversation on an online date and not be ignored   POV:You just answered three questions and have mutual interests with your crush, his bio and full pic was revealed and now the chat option has appeared, it’s a Catch! But you froze, and don’t know what to write for them. […]

Djungo reaches 10,000 users

Sweden startup grows at an elevated rhythm and double its numbers every 15 days   With a keen eye on the new way of forming connections, in which the modus operandi of relationship apps, where the match is given only through a photo, is no longer pleasing the online dating users, Djungo, an app that […]

Djungo arrives in Brazil to offer meaningful connections

Are you looking for a new friendship? Do you want to find your soulmate and create genuine connections? Establishing less shallow and longer-lasting relationships in the most popular dating apps can be a frustrating experience. Choosing a partner by swiping your finger across the screen and giving a superficial like turned flirting into something automatic […]