4 amazing things to do in Rio de Janeiro for Couples


Rio de Janeiro is enchanting! Everyone agrees with that, the tourists and even the locals. The city and its natural beauties could attract or even for the story or cultural heritage.


If you want to make a tour in Rio de janeiro with your Catch and don’t know where to go or the best options for you. We’ve listed the best tour options in the wonderful city and some special tips, check out.


1- Enjoy the view from Arpoador

Contemplating the view on the beach and rock formation, called Arpoador, guarantee much more than amazing pictures, moments of peace, dazzle and allure while the sun sets. Located between the Copacabana Fort and Ipanema Beach, it’s a key tour in Rio de Janeiro. Especially if you are the kind of person that loves landscapes and enjoys stunning sunsets.


2- Tour the Botanic Garden

To know the Botanic Garden is one of the “must-do” tours in Rio de Janeiro. The place is a great option for people of every taste, age or style. Guarantee of an exuberant nature, many leisure options and a peaceful day in contact with the nature of Rio de Janeiro. Established in 1808, when visiting the Botanic Garden, you can choose to go walking, riding a bike or driving an electric vehicle, through the well arranged trails while a glimpse with plants from all over the world and get to know the greenhouse with orchids, bromeliads, ferns and rare plants.


3- Museum of Tomorrow

The Museum of Tomorrow, more than entertainment and knowledge, the air conditioning system makes the tour more delightful and protects you from the heat of the wonderful city. The Museum of Tomorrow is an unusual science museum. It is a place for ideas, information, exploration and questions about the different paths for the future. Setting sustainability and coexistence perspectives, the museum provides the visitors a journey into the possible futures, going through great questions for humanity. Where do we come from? Who we are? Where we are? Where are we going? How should we go?


4- Confeitaria Colombo

One of the most traditional and historical tours in Rio de Janeiro, experience the Confeitaria Colombo. Located in downtown of the city. Today, the 125 years-story place is considered a cultural and artistic heritage of the city. The architecture was inspired by Belle Époque but the place mixes it with some details inspired by Art Nouveau, like the big crystal mirrors. Take time to visit the Confeitaria Colombo because normally it takes a 20 minutes to 1 hour waiting queue. However, its varied menu and the experience of being in a centenary and traditional Cafe is worthwhile.

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