5 programs to enjoy Valentine’s Day with a friend


Don’t be upset at home! Call a friend to enjoy the day with you


Brazilian Valentine’s Day is coming and you already know that social media will flood you with couple pics and cute gestures. Don’t be upset, hating love and complaining that you’re single. Call a friend and do a fun trip that will make you forget that your crush still hasn’t responded to you.


We picked 5 programs for you to do with your bff or with your Catch that you just met and that is also on the search for company for this day. Check out:


Find a thrift store

Just because you’re single it doesn’t mean you’re not going to have a present! Thrift stores are full of amazing clothes. While renewing your wardrobe, you’ll also help the local economy.


Marathon a TV show

How many TV shows on your list have you fallen behind? You grab the popcorn and your friend the soda, choose a TV show you both like and observe time flying by. Which one will be? Stranger Things, Vikings or Round 6?


Spend a day at a spa

Massage, steaming room, hot tub. Did these words leave you relaxed only by reading them? So schedule an appointment at your local spa for you and your friend and enjoy the self care session.



Prepare nice snacks, grab a table towel and ride your bike to a nice park in your city. Beyond nature interaction, you can also catch up with each other while you devour the snacks. 


Practice a physical activity 

Let’s release endorphins? Invite your friend to hike, ride a bike, run, dance, walk in roller skaters or skateboards or experience a muay thai class. 


Did you know that an American research recently pointed out that over two thirds of romantic relationships start out as long term friendships?! Who knows, maybe those activities will make you change your relationship status from friends to lovers.


But if what you want is to meet new people and make new connections, download the relationships app Djungo, and discover that chemistry goes way beyond appearances.

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