Djungo: 3 reasons for you to download the app today


Make new connections with people you share affinities with


Djungo, Swedish startup that launched in Brazil at the end of last year and is already solidified in the Brazilian market, is the ideal relationship app for those who seek a meaningful connection both in the field of love or friendship.


The app understands that relationships are like a puzzle and helps you fit the pieces with their correct pairing. How? Connecting people that share affinities, with similar hobbies and taste, promoting a connection that goes way beyond appearances. After all, people with a lot in common have 80% more chances of working out together!


We selected three excellent reasons for you to download the Djungo app today and connect with someone who has a lot in common with you. Available for Android and IOS. 



Djungo’s mission is to put personality above appearance. On first contact, the user’s photo appears as a mosaic with shuffled pieces.


The image is revealed as the questions are answered, which are pre-selected by the potential partner, containing themes like “Sports or Couch?”, “Beer or Sparkling Wine?”, “Money or Time?” and even subjects related to future compatibility, such as “Kids or Pets?”, “Open or closed relationship?”. There are over 100 options of questions on several themes. 



The platform doesn’t help you only to find a romantic interest, but also to make new friendships that have a similar lifestyle and taste as yours. The choice of liking someone and trying to “catch” them occurs only after the three questions are answered and, in case of mutual interest, a chat is opened and the description and complete photo of the person appears. 



The app will reveal the quality of your interactions, promoting real and good connections. Don’t waste time choosing a partner or a friend based only on photos, in an impersonal manner, only sliding your fingers left or right on the screen of a smartphone. Meet people that have everything to do with you!

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