First Date: Tips to invite your Catch on a date


There is nothing better than meeting somebody new. Texting and learning more about the hobbies and interests of your Catch, until the big day comes and you meet in person. While everyone gets nervous to approach the Catch for the First Date, you could prepare yourself better and follow some tips to have a nice talk and, with luck, have a positive answer.


Focus on your goal.

Talking about the day or interests of the person, it is a nice way to demonstrate that you really want to get to know them. Just do not generic talk, losing the opportunity to make the invite. If you are going to ask someone for a specific date, direct the conversation for this. For example, if you are going to ask someone out for dinner, ask about their favorite meal.


Be explicit on your invitation.

Make it clear that you want to go out for a date with him/her or maybe he/she could think that more people are going with you. Also do not be vague and schedule a date, it will help consolidate the invitation. Go straight to the point, such as “Do you wanna go out with me?”, “What’s your schedule next week?”


Plan the date.

Have in mind some possibilities of places that are nice for couples. Talk about the schedule to find a good date for both of you. Get everything clear before finishing the conversation to show that you are really interested and avoid misunderstandings.


Do not worry if your catch declines

If your catch declines, don’t worry. Give some space and wait a few weeks to talk again – as a friend. If the talk goes on, maybe soon you will make the nexts steps.


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