Friends with benefits: over two thirds of romances start as friendships


Find in your pal a love and change the status of your relationship


Where have you been looking for romance? At the bar? A club? College? What if your best friends is your great love?! A study found out that two thirds of romantic relationships start out as long term friendships.


The research, published in 2021 at Social Psychological and Personality Science, comprehends four different studies about the beginning of relationships. In the article, the author Danu Stinson, who studied the first term of relationships for over 20 years, noticed that many participants described having formed romantic relationships with friends they knew for a long time.


Way beyond the common perception that love comes of passion, friendships allow a more intense relationship to be delivered, because there’s already a solid base of trust and companionship. Friends can also share affinities for hobbies, cultural activities, sports, food, and much more, and people with a lot in common have 80% more chances of working out in a relationship.


To inspire you to find a friendship with colorful nuance worth of a movie, we selected five movies that tell stories of characters who fall in love with a friend. Call that bff to watch along!


Love, Rosie (2014)

Friends With Benefits (2011)

Te Quiero Imbécil (2020)

Moonlight (2017)

Always Be My Maybe (2019)


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