How to start an online chat after the Catch


5 tips to start a conversation on an online date and not be ignored


POV:You just answered three questions and have mutual interests with your crush, his bio and full pic was revealed and now the chat option has appeared, it’s a Catch! But you froze, and don’t know what to write for them.


You’re not alone, several people have creative blocks when it’s time to start and maintain a conversation in dating apps. Here are some tips on how to flirt online and maintain a good talk – and, who knows, maybe even set a date.


Avoid just saying “Hi, how are you?”

We’ve all been there: the conversation died after saying “I’m fine too!. Initiate the talking in a more interesting manner, to make the conversation more interesting, bringing up something from the person’s biography, their photo or about your common affinities. Show initiative, and avoid being left on read.


Make complex questions

Don’t ask questions that only have quick answers, like “yes” or “no”. Choose questions that start with what, when, where, why, how, with and whom, leaving space for the person to describe the situation or experience. Also show interest by asking “how was that?” or “what was it like going through that?”.


Bet on random knowledge

The time has come: put in practice your repertory of general and random knowledge. Start the subject linking a song, talking about signs, mentioning a TV show or movie you watched, sending a meme or a fun GIF. Take advantage of the various tools available for your approach.


Focus on each other

People love to receive compliments, but you have to be sincere. When you’re flirting, make positive comments about their tattoos, eyes, hair or pets.


Don’t pretend

Don’t engage in a conversation that it’s not of your interest, and don’t pretend to be curious about something you’re not. If it sounds fake to you, chances are it will sound fake to the other person too. Maintaining a conversation doesn’t mean you have to be exhausted in the end. Put your energy into matters that genuinely interest you.


Ok, now you’re prepared  to abandon a boring conversation and engage in a more interesting connection. Djungo, an online dating app that launched in Brazil to offer meaningful relationships, it’s the ideal space for you to have a pleasing experience, creating incredible moments with new people.

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