Millennials and Gen Z are more interested in building real connections


Young adults seek a new form of relationships after the pandemic


The year is 2020 and the whole world was locked up at home, due to the new virus. The “new normal” led people to a long journey of revaluation of concepts and ideas – including on how they connect to other people.


According to a 2021 Global Dating Insights report, Millennials and gen Z are more interested in finding a steady partner than expanding their list of crushes. These generations are evolving in a fast speed in terms of investing on themselves and reconsidering what they want in a relationship. 


Less than 20% of single people want to date casually, and more than half of the respondents said they seek more meaningful and committed relationships, creating true connections. The indicators also point that the same people also seek to maintain a deeper conversation before they go into a face-to-face meeting.


And the changes on the bachelors behavior don’t stop there: the physical attraction factor is no longer that important. From 2020 to 2021, the number of singles that prioritize appearance on a long term companionship dropped to 12%.


Going along with those changes, Djungo arrives at the market with a new proposal for those who want to date: a relationship app that prioritizes personality and affinity over appearances, pictures and the fugacity of swipes.


The platform uses the gamification resource to bring people together that share the same values, promoting new connections among those who have a lot in common. Did you get curious? Check out 3 reasons for you to download the app today and connect with an ideal person for you.

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