Museum Day: things to do in São Paulo and Rio with your Catch


Schedule a cultural date for you to amplify your knowledge and know your crush better


The museum isn’t a place just for past things: it’s also a great spot to take someone you see yourself with in the future (write down this sentence for flirting times 😉).


On May 18th, the Museum Day is celebrated, and it’s a great opportunity for those who love art to update their list of places they’ve been to along with a friend that shares the same passion, and also to enjoy the day with their partner, knowing a bit more about their Catch, strengthening that bond.


For that, we selected tours in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for you to do and smash that cultural date.


São Paulo

MIS Experience –  Portinari para Todos

The Portinari Exposition For Everyone revisits the work of a great icon of the 20th century in an unprecedented way, providing an immersive experience in the artist’s universe. Until June 10th.


Address: Cenno Sbrighi Street, 250 – Água Branca

Hours: Tuesday to fridays and sundays 10am to 5pm | Saturdays and holidays – 10am to 6pm


Oca  – “A Beleza Sombria dos Monstros: A Arte de Tim Burton”

The exhibition in honor of the work of the film-maker Tim Burton transforms an introduction and thirteen chapters of the legendary book “The Art of Tim Burton” in fourteen different galleries, offering the public a physically expanded experience of the book. Until August 14th.


Address: Ibirapuera Park – Pedro Álvares Cabral Avenue – Gate 2 – Vila Mariana

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday – 9am to 9pm


Pinacoteca – Adriana Varejão: Sutures, fissures, ruins

The exhibition is the most comprehensive work ever made about the work of the artist Adriana Varejão, reuniting, for the first time, a very significant set of over 60 pieces, going from 1985 until today. Up until August 1st.


Address: Luz Park, 2 – Luz

Horário: Wednesday to Monday – 10am to 05pm.


Rio de Janeiro

Rio’s Museum of Art – MAR Collection + Enciclopédia Negra

The display makes public the work done by contemporary artists depicting black characters that had their image and stories erased or never even registered. Until July 03.


Address: Mauá Square, 5 – Downtown

Hours: Thursday to Sunday – 10am to 5pm.


Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil  – Brazil at the [Center of] Map

The museum selected 22 precious works on world cartography, going from the 16th century until the current date, tracing a script that shows how the territory that it’s Brazil today was represented in the early days of cartography. Until June 20th.


Address: Rua Primeiro de Março, 66 – Downtown

Hours: Segundas, quartas e sábados – 9h às 21h | Domingo – 9h às 20h


Casa França – Brasil – Van Gogh and His Contemporaries

The exhibition brings a fully digital experience, with 360° projections and original soundtrack. With a 60-minute narrative, the content exhibits for the audience the human and artistic trajectory of the painter. Until June 5th.


Address: Visconde de Itaboraí Street, 78 – Downtown

Hours: Tuesday to Friday – 10am to 6pm | Monday- 12am to 6pm


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