Signs that a friendship is turning into love


Relationships that start out as friendships allow for a more intense romantic bond


You are good friends and confidants. Sometimes love is an acute emotion that happens in an instant, but in a lot of cases, it builds slowly and with a true friendship as the base.


Way beyond common perception that love rises from passion, friendships allow for an intense romantic delivery, because there’s already a solid base for trust and companionship. The search, published in 2021 on Social Psychological and Personality Science, noticed that a lot of participants were forming romantic bonds with friends they knew for a long time. After all, it can all start with a Friends with benefits: two thirds of romances start out as friendships.


We selected three signs that a friendship is turning into love, to help you identify if your friend is turning into your romantic partner.



When we’re in a relationship with friends, it’s very common to form a group of friends that all know each other in the same context – school, work, college – and each one of them bring another friend into the group, creating a large circle that are always doing fun activities together. But, if there’s someone with whom you share more affinities with, and end up spending more alone time with them, it can be a good sign of a love relationship arising.



Even when you’re not together, are you two always texting? On a busy schedule, with work and studies, it’s hard to find the time to talk to a special someone all the time. In this case, it’s worth noting if you two are actually talking more and more each day, going against the general course of friendship, in which we can’t always be 100% present in a friends life.



Do you admire the personality and values of your friend, and spend a good amount of time talking about each other’s future plans, what the other wants for their career, family and personal projects, and feel a great affinity with those plans?


A big part of the success of relationships is having the same goals and plans, and chasing paths that you two can follow together. This can be a sign that a friendship can turn into a successful romantic relationship.

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