Those who have a lot in common are 80% more likely to work out in a relationship


Find someone who enjoys the same things as you do and create a meaningful connection

According to physics, opposites attract. But, in relationships, that theory doesn’t work so well. Picture that: someone likes cold weather, the other wants to spend their vacation at the beach. One wants three kids, the other doesn’t want any. One has six cats, the other is allergic to fur. 


There’s no simple equation for true love, but the rule of 80/20, or Pareto’s principle, shows that people with affinity are 80% more likely to succeed in a relationship. 


The Pareto’s Principle came to existence by observation of the economist Vilfredo Pareto, that noticed that the proportion 80 to 20 was found in a number of situations. Starting there, he began studying the exact proportion and managed to conclude that the measure is found in several occasions, including relationships. 


See, if 80% of life’s effects come from 20% of the causes, you just have to make a little adjustment in your routine and work out only 20% of problems with your partner, friend or any person you have a connection with. When applying the 80/20 rule, you gain the maximum of a relationship with the least effort.


To help you in the search for affinity, the artificial intelligence of Djungo, a new relationship app, promotes, in Brazil, conversations only between users that share the same tastes and opinions, offering a true connection.


The choice to like someone and try to “catch” them with your profile occurs only after three questions are answered. The user has access to over 100 options of questions, about several themes, such as “Vaccinated or not?”, “Money or time?”, “Kids or pets?”.


In the case of mutual interest, a window opens and the biography and picture of the other party is revealed, and they are able to talk to each other through an online chat. And if you are one of those people that find it difficult to start a conversation, fear not! We prepared a dossier on how to do well in online conversations!


If in physics opposites attract each other, in relationships like calls to like.

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