Djungo arrives in Brazil to offer meaningful connections


Are you looking for a new friendship? Do you want to find your soulmate and create genuine connections? Establishing less shallow and longer-lasting relationships in the most popular dating apps can be a frustrating experience. Choosing a partner by swiping your finger across the screen and giving a superficial like turned flirting into something automatic and meaningless. Djungo arrives in Brazil precisely to break this pattern of dating apps, with the idea of putting personality before appearance when choosing the ideal partner, in order to establish true connections in a virtual environment.


Djungo uses gamification to bring people who share similar values together so they can establish deeper contacts, but in a fun and dynamic way. The key asset of the app is putting personality before appearance. On first contact, the user’s photo appears as a mosaic with scrambled pieces. The image is only revealed as pre-selected questions are answered by the potential partner. There are more than 100 options for questions on the most varied topics, such as: children or pets, money or fame, vaccinated or not vaccinated, Lula or Bolsonaro.


The photo reveals itself as the responses between users coincide. The choice to like and try a ‘match’ with the profile only occurs after the three questions have been answered. In case of mutual interest, a chat window opens and the biography and full profile photo are revealed.


The Beta version of the app is now available exclusively for Brazilians on Android and iOS devices. As Djungo is a community-driven initiative, it hopes to improve the platform based on feedback from users themselves.

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