Djungo reaches 10,000 users


Sweden startup grows at an elevated rhythm and double its numbers every 15 days


With a keen eye on the new way of forming connections, in which the modus operandi of relationship apps, where the match is given only through a photo, is no longer pleasing the online dating users, Djungo, an app that combines personality-centric matching and gamification to connect people based on common interests, is growing fast. In less than four months of operation in beta mode [to be confirmed], the platform has reached the milestone of 10,000 users.


Djungo is doubling the number of downloads every 15 days. In São Paulo alone, the app grew approximately 70%. “Choosing a person, whether for a romantic or platonic relationship, dragging your finger across the screen and giving them a like turned connections into something automatic and meaningless. For a while, this new way of communication worked, as it generated expectation and curiosity. Today, it mainly generates frustration. But online dating doesn’t have to be synonymous with superficial relationships,” says Jakob Lundström, Co-founder and CEO of Djungo.


The platform does not make the user’s photograph available right away: it appears only after pre-selected questions have been answered by the potential partner. They are related to lifestyle and tastes, and it’s also possible to choose questions related to values, such as: ‘beauty or intelligence?’, ‘children or pets?’, ‘save or spend?’, ‘open or closed relationship?’.


Among the strategies of Djungo’s growth plan, that started off with a beta launch in Brazil in October 2021, is the launching of a premium version with more features and enhanced user experience. Expansion to other countries, focusing on markets in South America, Europe and the United States, is also part of the company’s growth plan.


About Djungo

Djungo is a dating app, founded in 2020 in Stockholm (Sweden), with a mission to be a helping hand for people looking for friends or loved ones with things in common. The ambition is to be the most exciting meeting space for everyone looking for more than anyone. A beta version is available since October 2021 on iOS and Android. To learn more, visit

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