3 Best Museums to Visit in São Paulo with Friends

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Find friends that share hobbies with you and enjoy cultural activities in São Paulo   Do you love visiting museums and learning about new stories and artists? But often do you have no one to enjoy those cultural activities with? If you want to meet new people that share hobbies with you and make new […]

4 amazing things to do in Rio de Janeiro for Couples

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Rio de Janeiro is enchanting! Everyone agrees with that, the tourists and even the locals. The city and its natural beauties could attract or even for the story or cultural heritage.   If you want to make a tour in Rio de janeiro with your Catch and don’t know where to go or the best […]

5 programs to enjoy Valentine’s Day with a friend

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Don’t be upset at home! Call a friend to enjoy the day with you   Brazilian Valentine’s Day is coming and you already know that social media will flood you with couple pics and cute gestures. Don’t be upset, hating love and complaining that you’re single. Call a friend and do a fun trip that […]