Signs that a friendship is turning into love

Relationships that start out as friendships allow for a more intense romantic bond   You are good friends and confidants. Sometimes love is an acute emotion that happens in an instant, but in a lot of cases, it builds slowly and with a true friendship as the base.   Way beyond common perception that love […]

3 fun train routes in Brazil to take with your Catch

train running on railway between green trees

Have you ever dreamed of wandering through different places in Brazil in the old fashion way? Through a locomotive? The train is a great option for visiting tourist attractions in Brazil, having a unique and unforgettable experience with your catch.    According to com dados do the Ministry of Tourism of Brazil, there are 28 […]

Friends with benefits: over two thirds of romances start as friendships

woman hugging other woman while smiling at beach

Find in your pal a love and change the status of your relationship   Where have you been looking for romance? At the bar? A club? College? What if your best friends is your great love?! A study found out that two thirds of romantic relationships start out as long term friendships.   The research, […]